Miniature Textiles from Japan and the UK

An exhibition of contemporary textile artists from Japan and the UK to celebrate fifteen years of collaborative activity. To celebrate the artists who have provided the foundation for the continuous exchange of ideas between the textile communities in Japan and the UK, the exhibition curator Professor Lesley Millar has organised an exhibition of miniature works from each of the artists, 51 in total, who have taken part in her various projects. The participants are drawn from a particular fifteen-year relationship developed over many projects, and this exhibition will be the first time that their works will be shown together. Those taking part represent some of the most important contemporary textile practitioners in Japan and the UK, alongside some of the most exciting emerging talent from the recent exhibitions.

The exhibition is shown in the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in London 31 Oct 2011 to 14 Dec 2011, as well as at two galleries in Japan in 2012: GalleryGallery, Kyoto and Nagoya University of Arts and Science.

Portage, Shetland

“Portage: textiles, extremes of scale” was shown in Shetland Arts’ Bonhoga Gallery as the third in the “Portage” series of contemporary craft exhibitions to research the work of artists and designers in northern Europe and to curate new and easily transported exhibitions especially for Shetland.

In connection with the exhibition I received a commision for an installation in a space in the future arts centre Mareel, which will be the UK’s most northerly music, cinema and creative industries centre, due to open in 2012. (more…)

CULTEX – textile as a cross-cultural language

The driving force behind CULTEX lies in the dynamic inter-relationship between different cultures, histories and identities. Japan and Norway have both an important historic and a growing contemporary relationship, established initially through trade and developed through cultural exchange. Textile artists from Japan and Norway will, in the exhibition project CULTEX, explore and strengthen knowledge about their respective textile cultural inheritance. The objective is to develop a unique exhibition of new work and at the same time reinforce strengthen the ties between two geographically distanced countries with deep textile traditions. CULTEX aims to bring the cultures and craft traditions of the two countries together to create a new and common ”language”, where textile techniques and media are cross-cultural communication tools.

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Through the Surface

Through the Surface is an exhibition of collaboration, process and outcome, featuring 14 of the most innovative textile artists in Britain and Japan. Their work spans fashion, art and science, and the resulting work will form a unique and exciting exhibition that will tour the UK in 2004 and Japan in 2005.

Through the Surface explores points of difference and similarity within the cultures of Japan and Britain. The real exchange of ideas, techniques and an understanding of cultural and personal sensibilities as they relate to working practice can best be achieved through close collaboration resulting in a practical outcome. (more…)


The exhibition “Invaders” was shown from August to September 2003. The gallery is an old vicarage converted into an art centre in stunning and raw natural surroundings near Stavanger on the south west coast of Norway.

“Invaders” was first shown at Maidstone Library Gallery, England in 2001, and in an extended version at Hå Gamle Prestegård in 2003.

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