The project balanced-unbalanced  was an exhibition project by Hanne Friis and myself, created from a mutual thematic starting point.

The project was shown at Kunstbanken, Hedmark Kunstsenter, Hamar on 19 November 2011 to 8 January 2012. The exhibition was opened by Jarle Strømodden, Director at the Vigeland Museum, Oslo.

CULTEX – textile as a cross-cultural language

The driving force behind CULTEX lies in the dynamic inter-relationship between different cultures, histories and identities. Japan and Norway have both an important historic and a growing contemporary relationship, established initially through trade and developed through cultural exchange. Textile artists from Japan and Norway will, in the exhibition project CULTEX, explore and strengthen knowledge about their respective textile cultural inheritance. The objective is to develop a unique exhibition of new work and at the same time reinforce strengthen the ties between two geographically distanced countries with deep textile traditions. CULTEX aims to bring the cultures and craft traditions of the two countries together to create a new and common ”language”, where textile techniques and media are cross-cultural communication tools.

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